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Is custom art unique?
Each invitation is individualized, made and thought exclusively for your event. However, custom arts are not exclusive. Right after the date of the event, the personalized invitation is available in our portfolio for sale as a ready-made template.
Do you make printed invitations?

Do not. Our invitations are 100% digital, in video format. However, you can request a printable file at the time of order, and we will evaluate the possibility (Not all models are adaptable)

What is the format of the invitations?

Here the customer chooses the format (new invitation), but in general they are standard mobile formats:

(750 x1334) Verticals

(1334x750) Horizontal

Can I request a different format for the invitation?

Yes. In the format you want.  Square, Widescreen, Stories, etc.. just ask.

How can I use the invitation layout in my party?

Just request the 'open file' that we provide editable for download. Animaartz works with quality content, often paid, so we charge an authorship fee for submission. Consult us.

How long does it take for the invite to be ready?

We work with scheduling (new invitations) . For ready-made models, with all information, references and payment made, we ask for up to 3 business days.  


I need an invite urgently, is it possible?

If we have space on the agenda, yes.

for video invites, is there a time limit?

We try to make invitations with a maximum of 30 seconds. It's a good time for all transitions, within our design and text pattern. That way, you can read all the information you need and the video doesn't get too heavy. The heavier the file, the more difficult it is to send through messaging apps, such as WhatsApp. To optimize the sending, WhatsApp compresses the file, and thus it loses its quality.

how to send the invitation without losing quality?

You can forward the invitation sent by Animaartz directly to your contacts. If you save and send, WhatsApp will compress the file and lose quality. If you want to save to send later, we advise you to send it through the WhatsApp Web platform, as there is no limit there.


changes, how does it work?

Before the invites are animated, we send a preview of the non-animated artwork for approval. 

Simple changes, such as changing the date, time or some text will not be charged. However, if you do not like the version sent and want to completely change the layout of the invitation, you will need to make another version, then we can create it again and you will be charged a fee. That's why it's important that you have the ideas in mind, or the reference of the party's visual identity.

What are the paying ways?

Boleto, transfer or Pix  (Interbank Bank) 

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