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My Pets Invitation -  Custom

The design of your pets, together with your child, is an eternal memory.  Take advantage of this animated invitation to invite the people you love, with a personalized illustration of your pets and your daughter.


character design

The drawings followed the same style and trait as presented above.



The music can be the same or we can change it for another one of your choice.


Invitation information:

  • 100% digital.
  • Format: Mp4 Video
  • Ratio: 9:16 (Portrait)
  • Resolution: 750:1334px  (Lightweight and compatible with any cell phone from iPhone 7 onwards)
  • Shipping within 03  working days by email or whatsapp.


after purchase

When making the purchase, we will contact you by email or whatsapp asking for the following information:

  • Birthday person's name;
  • Age of the birthday person;
  • Date and time of the event;
  • location address


Name, date, time, location (address) information

There will be a field to write the desired message  in the invitation,  at the time of purchase.

My Pets Watercolor



    Para se inscrever, preencha as informações abaixo.

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