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Enchanted florest

Enchanted Forest Animated Invitation

a forest  delighted  for  celebrate your little one's birthday.  Take advantage of this animated invitation to invite the people you love to this magical setting.


Choose 1 option from  color

  • Model 01: Red


Invitation information:

  • 100% digital.
  • Format: Mp4 Video
  • Ratio: 9:16 (Portrait)
  • Resolution: 750:1334px  (Lightweight and compatible with any cell phone from iPhone 7 onwards)
  • Shipping within 03  working days by email or whatsapp.


after purchase

When making the purchase, we will contact you by email or whatsapp asking for the following information:

  • Birthday person's name;
  • Age of the birthday person;
  • Date and time of the event;
  • location address


Name, date, time, location (address) information

There will be a field to write the desired message  in the invitation,  at the time of purchase.

Enchanted florest



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